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Why invest in the US?

USA Market Research

A property investment in the US offers a number of benefits and is a sustainable method to securing lifelong revenue.

The economy of the United States continues to be among the world’s largest and most successful, offering huge arbitrage potential for foreign investors due to low property prices and a depreciated US dollar.

Foreign investors can now benefit from the considerably lower property prices and taxes of the US property market, taking advantage of rising rental rates.

As America is a growing society, the demand for housing will increase rapidly over a short-term period within the following years, thereby pushing rental rates even higher. In addition to that, US properties are a safe investment due to the stable political system as well.

Other benefits to investing in American property include:

  • Positive cash flow, with rental returns as high as 7-18% net, with 8-20% gross yield returns
  • Low-priced properties from US$50,000
  • Ability to purchase property below replacement value
  • Minimal government costs, fees and intervention
  • Low settlement costs and no stamp duty
  • Strategic market shift which has moved to an increase of renters – of 118 million households, 34 per cent are renters
  • If the homeownership rate declines from the current 66% to new rate of 60%, rental unit demand will increase by another 7.2 million units
  • If 50% of single family liquidations convert into rental units, this will still not be enough to meet expected rental demand.

Market research has also shown that:

  1. Inventory trending has been down since the peak of 4.58 million in July 2008. Figure as of Jan 2012 was 2.31 million, 20.6 per cent lower than Jan 2011.
  2. US Census Bureau showed a peak in new home starts in Jan 2006 of 1,716,000 (annualised), then reached a low point of 471,000 in 2009 (down 80%). There has been a recent increase in new starts from 581,000 in Aug 2011 to 750,000 Aug 2012.
  3. The percentage of delinquent mortgages reached its peak in Jan 2010. Morgan Stanley predicts 5.3 years of distressed homes will be available. Currently, 12.16% of all mortgages are either delinquent or foreclosed. About 7.5 million properties will be liquidated over the next five years at an estimate of $1 trillion in market value

An investment in US property offers great arbitrage potential and is a safe way to take advantage of the current and future US property market situation.

If you want to find out more about the US property market and its investment benefits, contact us today.