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USA Property Tours





“(The tour) more than exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high. It was a very successful tour for me – I bought four properties. The structure of the tour is brilliant and well-balanced, we work hard and we play hard as well. We met some fabulous professionals, which instilled lots of confidence in being able to make good decisions. I was also delighted with the spread of towns; it’s been an amazing time. The tour flowed really well, accommodation was brilliant and the food was just sensational.”

Denise and Kirby

Denise: “The tour was really interesting, with some great places to visit – I was really surprised at some of the cities we visited, because we didn’t know what they were going to be like, but it was a very pleasant surprise. The accommodation and transport were excellent, and all our hosts in the cities were amazing.”

Kirby: “I thought (the tour) was a bit pricey at the start, but it’s been well worth the money. If someone wants to invest (in the US), they’d definitely have to do this sort of tour. I recommend bringing your spouse with you as well.”


“It’s been fantastic, you can’t find a better way to do it and have a serious look at the market yourself, especially by the way the tour has been set up – you get around and meet all the people, look at the markets and have some good on-ground knowledge. My knowledge of the market increased, without a doubt. Being able to learn from the different professionals including rental agents, rehab crews and accountants is fantastic. If you get the opportunity to go, it’s well worth it.”


“It was a great tour, there was lots of excitement and we saw lots of properties. It was done very well – the value for money is worth much more, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. If you’re thinking of doing a tour, you’ll get your money’s worth.”


“I’ve experienced both cash flow and capital growth in the same year. So, I’ve achieved the utopia of property investing which is high positive cash flow and 30 per cent growth capital in a year. That, for me, is a fantastic story.”


“I initially did my research because I didn’t want to give my money to someone without knowing what i was getting myself into. A colleague at work recommended Loans USA and put me in touch. I came into the office and peppered you with numerous questions as to understand the whole process. After I felt comfortable dealing with you I was more than happy to proceed and move forward. I was able to get one of my two properties settled before I went over to the states which made the whole process less stressful.”