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Purchasing US Properties Using SMSF


You can use your superannuation to invest in US property by using either cash or American finance – currently, you can borrow between 50 – 60% LTV.

If financing, you will require:

  • Bare trust and trustee company (to protect the SMSF assets) per property purchased
  • Legal contract between bare trust and SMSF (per property)
  • Legal review of loan documentation setup from US lender (per lender)

When signing a contract, you must put the trustee company ATF the super fund on the purchase agreement and the directors of the trustee company must sign.

The bare trust is holding the asset until the loan is paid off, then transfers to the superfund.

  • Ideally ABC Bare Pty Ltd ATF ABC Bare Trust as holding for ABC Pty Ltd ATF

The ABC Super Fund could go on the purchase agreement.