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Property Strategy


Our properties are located in more than 10 cities across the country, offering our clients a wide variety of choice in locations including Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Jacksonville, Orlando and South-West Florida.

Danger Zone

Cash Flow Return

Balanced Return

Capital Gain Focus

Price Range


$30,000 – $50,000

$50,000 – $ 100,000

>$100, 000

Quality of Property


Poor to moderate★★



Gross Yield

20% – 30%

15% – 25%

10% – 15%


Capital Growth Potential





Degree of Risk





Exit Strategy



Investor/ Owners

Investor/ Owners


No Chance


Some Options

Multiple Options

  • Cash Flow Return Properties:

    These properties offer the highest cash return but are usually located in areas where capital gain is low. The average gross yield is between 15-20%, but can also be up to 25% in some areas. The properties are usually at the lower end of the price scale and termed 2-star properties. These properties are generally found closer into the centre of the city and in urbanised areas.

  • Balance Return Properties:

    These properties have a higher quality standard and therefore require a higher investment. They provide a lower cash return but therefore have a higher capital gain potential when the market recovers. The average gross yield is between 10-15%. These properties attract upper middle class tenants and the tenancy risks involved are low. These properties can be found in middle ring suburbs of most cities with a good mix of home-owners and renters. The properties are in the price range from $50,000 – $100,000 and are classified as 3-star properties.

  • Capital Gain Properties:

    These are high-end properties that usually only show a single figure gross yield of between 7-10% when rented. In the present market, they will usually still be cash flow positive. These properties are usually in desirable areas and a lot more care is required when choosing the location and in rehabbing (renovating) them.
    Currently, it is possible to buy quality properties at up to 50% of the cost to rebuild them. Once the supply and demand for housing balances in the market, these properties will return to their replacement value or much higher, depending on the desirability of their location. These properties tend to be located predominantly in owner occupied suburbs, and will sell between $100 – 200,000. We classify these properties as 4- or 5-star properties.


In general, we recommend a five- to ten-year investment window, which will allow both the real estate and lending markets to bounce back. A strategy can then be to sell 4- to 5-star properties to owner-occupiers at retail price. 2- to 3-star properties can be onsold to other investors at any time.

For people who don’t need the capital back in the short term, we recommend a longer hold. For example, 2- or 3-star (cash) properties can be paid off completely by the tenants in 7 years or less. The property then becomes a complete cash flow investment.

If you want to find out more about our property locations, contact us today.