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Professional Service Fees


The American Property Partners fee/s is not a commission but a fee for service which is only payable upon signing of a property purchase agreement/s. All fees payable to American Property Partners are paid by their direct debit/credit card form.

American Property Partners requires full payment of their Service Fee within 7 days of closing on a property purchase agreement. If the payment is not made American Property Partners has the right to withdraw your purchase/offer.

A deposit of at least $1000 USD is required to hold each property purchased from American Property Partners. This deposit will form part of the purchase agreement and will be debited from the settlement funds requested on your property/s.

I/We acknowledge the Professional Service Fees payable in the event of acquiring a USA property through American Property Partners are separate from the fee Loans USA charge for obtaining USA finance through Loans USA.

I/we understand that we firstly need to register as a American Property Partners client.

I/we understand that once we have registered as a client that I/we need to make a second appointment to select the properties that we intend to purchase.

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