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Portfolio Management Services


For assurance and peace of mind, American Property Partners offers a full service portfolio management service for just $1500 a year.

Available to any US property investor, the all-encompassing service is offered regardless of whether you purchased your property through APP and includes insurance plus a comprehensive online reporting system for taxation purposes.

Owning an overseas property can be stressful – at American Property Partners, we take away the stress and manage your property for you, ensuring that your cash flow positive property solution returns on your investment.

Our portfolio management service includes:

  • After-sales service
  • Liaison with US property managers
  • Local representation
  • Audits of property performance, along with expert advice and explanations
  • Assessment of your property manager’s performance
  • International investors who speak to American consultants during local US time

Per annum, your services are valued at:

  • Investor protection insurance: US$600
  • Landlord insurance: US$250
  • Yearly portfolio report software (using Property Tracker): $US$300
  • Annual property audit: US$XXX
  • Local property management representation: US$XXX

American Property Partners’ comprehensive portfolio management services are designed give you peace of mind and to protect your property from risks that could damage and jeopardise your investment.

Our portfolio management service includes the following:

Investor Protection Insurance

  • Home warranty insurance, with extra protection that is not covered by typical building insurance
  • Covers problems or issues with electrical wiring, mechanics, water systems, septic tanks, carpet and more

Landlord Insurance

  • Rental protection that protects your asset in the event that you are left without the means to collect rent
  • If a tenant breaks a lease, you will be covered for up to six months’ rent until a new tenant is sourced
  • Cost: $250 per year for properties returning up to $1200 per month in rent