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Portfolio Building


At American Property Partners, we want our clients to feel 100 per cent comfortable about their potential investments.

Our portfolio-building service includes the creation of a customised portfolio to suit every client’s individual needs, ensuring they have a broad variety of quality residences to choose from, along with freedom in their decision-making process.

The properties are chosen from various cities around America using the following criteria:

  • The client’s financial situation
  • The client’s home loan options
  • The client’s specific wishes considering factors including location, size and style
  • The client’s time constraints

To minimise potential risk, every property goes through stringent assessments before being added to our portfolio, establishing that they are located in areas where employment levels and rental demand are increasing.

In order to be added to our portfolio a property must meet the following quality standards:

  1. Located in metropolitan areas or cities that indicate a strong economy
  2. Surrounded by well-functioning infrastructure, access to highly-ranked schools, retail shopping and amenities, plus low crime rates and nearby employment hub
  3. Shows high levels of rental demand and experience economic growth
  4. Has experienced property management in place

To ensure that the investments are safe and lucrative, we evaluate the location with the following criteria:

  • Population trends
  • Job growth and unemployment rates
  • Rental demand
  • Workforce mix
  • Crime rates
  • Income trends
  • Value and age of neighbourhood homes
  • Indices such as Cost of Living Index, Liveable Cities Index, Best Places To Do Business Index etc.
  • Building permit activity
  • Health of local and state governments

In addition to that, we assess each property to ensure longevity and profitability through the following criteria:

  • Market position, value, price and rental expectation
  • Affordability index
  • Return on investment
  • Rehabilitation activity
  • Vacancy data
  • Neighbourhood, surrounding streets, infrastructure and appearance
  • Supporting infrastructure including transport, schools and shopping

Furthermore, all properties are carefully reviewed to ensure they meet the needs of the specific rental market, will be consistently tenanted and provide a quality net return that the investor can rely upon year-in and year-out.

American Property Partners’ experienced team of advisers undertakes extensive ongoing research in many areas of the American market to ensure that all potential property investments will lead to long-term profits.

The portfolio building process is individual for each client and determined by the specific needs of the client and their amount of liquid funds.

Investors also benefit from the variety of our wide network in America, with properties located in more than 10 cities across the country.

If you want to find out more about our experienced US property portfolio services please contact us today.