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News and Events

FREE Sydney & Melbourne Property Investment Workshop – TBA

Join Stephen McClatchie, Australia’s leading USA finance and property expert in an interactive and lively discussion on the available opportunities in today’s market in the USA. Receive a full market update and discuss your future investments or current property’s performance. Join us to learn how to replace your income in as little as 8 years.

If you keep an eye on the media then you’d know that Australia’s property market has surged over the last 12- 24 months. And that over the same period rents have only moved marginally.

And this has sent the costs of holding an investment property skyrocketing. Plenty of recent buyers are struggling to find a way to cover a gigantic shortfall every month.

If interest rates go up it’s only going to get worse.

What they need is a safe, consistent way to get a significant passive income. It’s why many investors are now adding US property to the mix.

By investing in US properties you will actually create a cashflow buffer to cover the increasing costs of investing. Or if you’re worried about the local market you can sit on the sidelines for a while and enjoy a high cashflow,

high growth portfolio in the states.

We will be running 3 hour investor seminars to show you exactly how you can invest in the US and replace your income, or simply cover your investing activities. replace your income, or simply cover your investing activities.

We’re going to show you…

– Why the volatility of the US dollar isn’t the bad news most investors think it is

– Growth and cashflow – all the figures and actual case studies of our clients’ properties

– How to use your SMSF to invest in US property – we’ve found a way

– The newest emerging hot-spots you can get into before everyone else finds them

– Finance tricks to getting great deals on loans (up to 65% low doc, 75% full doc and Max. 65% SMSF), and

– A complete market update on what I found on my recent research trip to the US


Our seminars are always popular, and they’re lively interactive affairs. They’re for anyone with a passion for US property or anyone who’s heard conflicting information about it, and wants cold hard facts.

And no, there’s no pitching. There’s not thing for sale. Just the facts on where wealth can be created quickly in the US.

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