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Getting Started

About Us

APP offers:

  • Turnkey Fast-Track US Business Model – APP spearheads quality with a turnkey US business model. Our qualified and experienced US teams purchase the property, renovate and refurbish them, then arrange tenant leases before each property goes on offer as a fully managed investment property. Clients are assured that everything to do with their property is organised by our management team, which saves them precious money and time. We also visit the US every four to six months to review our teams and their progress.
  • US Property Finance – Access to finance is a major obstacle preventing property purchases in the USA for foreign investors. American Property Partners’ sister company, Loans USA, has invested a substantial amount of time and money to establish financially viable and sustainable lending relationships in the USA.
  • Ongoing Education and Market Research – APP and Loans USA host regular US “State of the Market” tours to visit our major markets and meet all the experts involved.
  • After Sales Client Service – APP offers an ongoing commitment to excellence and service with our fast track turnkey business model. Ongoing support is offered via our portfolio management service, which helps clients achieve their goals in the fastest time possible. We are dedicated to helping you build a cash flow positive US portfolio.

Investment Purchase Process:

  1. Work out purchasing capacity (deposit + purchase costs), then select property location.
  2. Select properties and complete purchase agreement.
  3. Put purchasing clauses in agreements – subject to finance, building and pest inspections.
  4. Transfer $3,000 deposit per property to US title company via a foreign exchange dealer.
  5. If financing, Loans USA will contact you within 48 hours to commence the lending process and confirm where the balance of deposit required will come from. A referral to Loans Australia will be given if equity release in Australia is required.
  6. Once the deposit is paid, building and pest reports are ordered on the properties.
  7. All finance documents are submitted to the lender for approval, with pre-approval taking up to five days.
  8. When approved, the lender will outline loan conditions before you pay the appraisal cost (valuation) to the US lender via a foreign exchange dealer.
  9. Once the loan is approved and you are happy with building and pest reports, the title company is instructed to draw up the closing documents.
  10. Closing documents are given to APP to check for errors, then presented to you for signing in front of a notary public (type of solicitor) as a witness.
  11. AFEX will contact you to transfer balance of deposit for closing (settlement).

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