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American Property Partners is an Australian company, working in Australia, for Australians, we develop portfolios of potential investment properties for clients based in Australia who are interested in investing is the US market.

American Property Partners (APP) gives clients the opportunity to create a portfolio of USA property through our exclusive Turnkey Investor Model. Through our experience of investing in the US property market, we have created firsthand an investor model designed specifically to increase a client’s success rate when creating a portfolio of property. Every day, more and more of our clients through specific and strategic property purchases are achieving their goal of replacing their income for life.

APP is made up of a team of experienced advisers and investments strategists who build property portfolios with single home owners, multiple property owners and people moved out of the ever-increasing Australian property market. All of our properties can be financed – we also provide specific cash flow plans/reports where you will find all the detail you need to make a better property investment decision.

The US market is providing our clients with amazing property investments today. APP can assist you to become a successful international property investor.

Why not call us today to see how easy it is to get started?

Register today and receive:

  • FREE report showing attractive return on investment locations
  • Database of cashflow positive properties in the USA
  • Bonus: FREE consultation with one of our portfolio property strategist
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